Aeropress or Aerolife

Add the prefix “aero” and you have a snazzy. tech-sounding device… so as lovers of the aeropress coffee maker, we were certainly pretty excited to here about the aerolife

a machine that literally lets you inhale coffee. Unfortunately we haven’t yet tried it out (and if we’re totally honest we’re not persuaded that it really actually exists…)

But just i case it is real, we’re excited… Taste Coffee House really can’t wait for the future to arrive!



As to how it actually feels to inhale coffee…? And it is sold as a healthy thing…. once more we’re confused…

Who’s got time to fumble around and wait for your drink, shot, spray, lozenge, patch, pill, or gum to start working? When the powdered AeroLife nutrients hit your mouth you’ll get immediate taste, quick nutrient delivery to the body and feel it start working right away.

You cannot deny that is a futuristic thing, it’s like that pill that doesn’t exist that contains a meal. Except that the meal-pill thing isn’t supposed to be pleasurable. So, here is what Taste Coffee House thinks… combine the meal pill – which contains your energy and nutrients and the AeroLife that will give you the flavour.