aeropress coffee maker

Aeropress Coffee

Not sure if you prefer the idea of plunger or espresso – well it dones’t have to either/or there is the aeropress coffee maker from aerobie. I know what your thinking – don’t they make frisbees?

well yes they did invent the aerobie which is a refined frisbee but that doesn’t mean that just because they redefined the throwing ring that they don’t know how to also reinvent and redefine how to make good coffee!

aeropress coffee maker
not an aeropress coffee maker

If you aren’t aware of what exactly an aeropress coffee maker is then think of an inverted plunger that has been turned inside out. Yep, it makes sense now doesn’t it!

Actually it is probably easier to watch rather than listen to my waffle!

I have a routine whereby I start off the day with a plunger and then move onto the more hardcore ristretto espresso for the remainder of the day.  The logic to this was that I was often a bit dehydrated in the morning and also wanted to be able to sit down and sip for a while whilst the BBC world service kept me informed about everything that I needed to know about what’s going on in the world. So the extra volume of the French-press coffee was required.

However, with every solution comes a problem! There was a definite lack of depth to the drink that seamed to be caused by more than just greater dilution. It was as though the lack of pressure was causing some of the good bits of the flavour to remain locked up in the coffee grounds. I’m sure that there is a perfectly god “science” explanation for what was going on with the flavour of my coffee! And anyway, I wasn’t looking for they why but only the how-to-fix-it.

Anyhow, to cut the longer story short – an aeropress coffee maker stepped in to fill the gap nicely. So much so, that as well as my breakfast coffee – it is also becoming my lunch-time brew as well!

There is a complaint though… it looks really, really ugly! The perspex moulding of the aeropress coffee maker is vey practical, very strong and very much useful for doing things like taking it camping – but it just isn’t a looker! So, maybe somebody needs to come up with a ceramic version?

aeropress inverted
aeropress inverted


And that is an idea for what a coffee maker could look like! But I guess if you can re-invent a frisbee and come up with the entirely new idea of the aeropress coffee maker, then you probably aren’t looking backwards at vintage coffee makers…. perhaps I need to get into the shed an see what I can come up with!!