About Us


We strive to be a community-oriented café, where every customer is valued and appreciated. An ongoing goal of ours is to use local and environmentally conscious food. Our breads and pastries come from Iggy’s in West Cambridge. Our crepes, panini’s and salads are homemade using only the best and freshest ingredients.


We take great pride in the farmers and the roasters that we source our coffees from. Our mission is to represent these peoples hard work to the best of our ability by serving you the best cup possible.

What differentiates us from most other coffee shops is that we frequently rotate in and out new coffees from many different reputable suppliers.

Our goal is to taste all of the greatest offerings that exist worldwide, because life’s too short to drink the same old cup of joe everyday. We look at coffee through a culinary lens; the same way a chef uses different produce and new ingredients in their kitchen, we incorporate different coffees in our coffee bar. Through this delicate process, our staff and consumers gain insight, refined palettes, and a greater appreciation about the different types of coffees that exist around the world and how they look, taste, and smell. We find our approach fosters an environment full of interaction between customer and barista, which is an experience that we strongly cherish! It is our commitment to offer you only the highest-quality coffee experience possible.

All of our espresso beverages are made to order using our top of the line Synesso espresso machine. Did we mention it tastes really good, too?